The Fruits of Sincerity (Ikhlas)

As Salaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

In the da’wah class we learn about sincerity. And this is one of the important points conveyed by her (Dr. Amal Soliman).

Some of the Fruits of ikhlas sincerity appears in the feeling of :

  •  Overwhelming with exiting in following the heals of Assalaf alsaleheen
  •  Comfortable when Performing extra aspects of volunteers in ibadah
    Quran , prayers, fasting etc.
  •  Calmness when Remember Allah reward , punishment , day of judgment , jannah
  •  Happiness when increase giving goodness,
  •  Humble your self for others services
  •  Interested in giving more charity , time strength
  •  Being not happy if you are admired or praised by others
  •  Refuse to be known by your good work amongst the general
  •  Hiding your sadakah , charity
  •  Belittle your giving seeking more
  •  Competition in goodness
  •  Having secrets of good deeds between you and Allah only
  •  Getting Acceptance of your du’àa
  •  Finding Acceptance from people of your dawa

(Source : Safeerah Da’wah Courses)

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